Is this the End of the Republican Party or the End of Democracy? 

Trump supporters were conned by the greatest flim-flam man in history. He is wonderful at telling people what they want to hear, even if they are total lies, but then he does the opposite or what benefits only him. Continue reading

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Are religions good or bad? Aug. 28th

The answer is of course both. Some religions have historically done a lot of very bad things, but religions are also responsible for many very good things. The real question is, do religions do more good than harm? Here in Eugene Terry McDonald and St. Vincent De Paul have done more to help the homeless and the suffering than the government or any other source. That is typical. Religious organizations go all over the world relieving suffering and pain.  Continue reading

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The Conflict between Faith and Reason Aug. 17


To me faith is not simply religious. Faith is the belief in a God but also belief in a philosophy, an ideology, a person, a movement, a political party, or a theory

Religious people have faith that there is a God, but likewise an Atheist has faith that there is no God. Neither proposition can be proven. Only Agnostics can state that they have no religious faith, but even they have faith in other things. When people come up to a stop signal we all have faith that the people on the opposing street are going to stop when they see a red light. We all have faith that everyone will follow the rule of law, that people will act rationally, and that the physical laws of nature are applicable. Continue reading

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Logic, Reasoning, and How to Think Aug. 14th


In today’s world, we are hyper polarized. When one side makes arguments for or against something it often devolves into logical fallicies in an effort to mislead. It is important to know how to argue logically and to recognize fallacies, deceptions or irrelevant attempts to deceive or distract. It is very important that we Think Critically. Continue reading

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Opiate addiction and alternatives Aug. 3rd by Florence Rigby

Issue:  Epidemic of deaths due to overdoses and increased numbers of addicted people since the 1990’s.

Cause:  Research and development of new opioid drugs by pharmaceutical companies with the intent of making drugs that are less effective at producing euphoria and more effective at decreasing pain.   Once the drugs were approved they were marketed aggressively to MD’s, who then increased prescribing them  In 2009, the American Geriatric Soc. encouraged MD’s to Rx opiates to treat moderate to severe pain in older patients. At the time it was thought that older patients were less likely to become addicted to opiates. Continue reading

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How to make America Smart Again July 24th

When America sent people to the moon we were considered pretty smart as a nation. This was considered a “Giant Leap for Mankind”. At that time we were mainly driven by competition from the Soviet Union, which had an excellent education system. The American education system had grown dramatically after WWII because of the GI bill which allowed returning service men to go to college. Russia sent Sputnik up, then was successful circling the planet with animals, and Yuri Gagarin became the first human in space on April 12, 1961. This demonstrated a technological superiority that took many Americans by surprise and freaked out a lot of our politicians. Continue reading

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Guaranteed minimum income July 20th

More and more people on the left and on the right are finding the concept of a guaranteed minimum income to be acceptable. Conservatives say that if they gave the poor a certain amount of money, that they could eliminate all welfare programs and actually save money. The proposition is going to be on the ballot in Switzerland. Liberals see it as a way to reduce the enormous income inequality in this country. Continue reading

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