Species Extinction May 8th


The World Wildlife Fund released a stunning report this week: From 1970 to 2010, overall vertebrate animal populations declined by half. It’s our fault.

To be clear: It’s not that half of all species have been made extinct in the past half century. It’s that overall population counts for vertebrate species (besides humans) have declined by half. Continue reading

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Closing Military Bases May 4th

After WWII the United States set up around 2000 bases in foreign countries. Why did we do that? “The establishment of military bases abroad enable a country to project power, e.g. to conduct expeditionary warfare, and thereby influence events abroad. Depending on their size and infrastructure, they can be used as staging areas or for logistical, communications and/or intelligence support.” Continue reading

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Nuclear Power April 24th

There are six main reactor types in use around the world. The various designs use different concentrations of uranium for fuel, different moderators to slow down the fission process, and different coolants to transfer heat.
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Infrastructure Investment April 20

Investing in our crumbling Infrastructure seems like a no brainer. All of the Democrats and President Trump campaigned on spending a lot on infrastructure. President Trump promised to spend a trillion dollars on infrastructure and $200 billion rebuilding our decrepit inner cities. This is a popular idea because it will instantly create jobs that can not be shipped overseas, and because a good infrastructure boosts the economy and spurs businesses and corporations to expand. Continue reading

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Artificial Intelligence April 10

Ever since their inception, computers have been evolving at a rate explained by Moore’s Law. Moore’s law states that the computing power doubles about every two years. Of course this is not a hard and fast law of science, but the actuality has conformed remarkably well to the theory for the last 50 years. Continue reading

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Overpopulation and the Carrying Capacity of the Earth March 27

If everyone in the world lives like we in America do, we would need 3.3 worlds to have enough natural resources. A sustainable limit would be about 2 billion people (we now have 7 billion). If everyone on the planet just used what they needed, the earth could support 40 billion. Obviously we need to simplify our lives.   http://science.howstuffworks.com/environmental/green-science/earth-carrying-capacity.htm  Continue reading

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Eliminating Nuclear Weapons April 6

Nuclear weapons have very little strategic use. The use of any nuclear weapons would kill mostly civilians and therefore should be considered a terrorist weapon. Any use would be a humanitarian and environmental disaster and there could be no humanitarian response. Continue reading

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