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Solutions Topics Thinking Allowed Topics
(Solutions classes will have videos Thinking Allowed will not. Note any topic on one side
can be used in the other side, Feel free to add more topics)

Alternate Revenue Systems
Alternative Medicines
American Exceptionalism
Artificial Intelligence
Close Military Bases
Cops of the World or Community of Nations
Liberals and Conservatives Differences
Education reform
Election Reform
Extreme Weather
Fake Meat
FEMA and Emergency Response
Food Safety
Forests – clearcuts – replanting
Government – too big or too small?
Gun Control
Infrastructure repair
Internet News
Militant Islam
Militarism of Police
National Debt
Nuclear Power
How to reduce Nuclear Weapons
Ocean Health
Oil From Algae
Oil Wars
Poverty and Malnutrition
Prison Reform and Restoritive Justice
Red Cross
Women and the Draft
Prejudice against Religions Islam – Evangelicals
Renewable Energy
Sea Greenhouses
Species Extinction
Sustainable Economics
Tax Reform
Technology good or bad?
Ted Talks
Should we re-write the Constitution
The UN, Nato and Security in the Future
UN Sustainable Development Goals
Zero Waste
Is Capitalism opposed to Environmentalism
How to reduce Crime
Destruction of biodiversity
– Dirty water and poor sanitation
Domestic violence
Drug abuse
Will the Economy crash again?
– Environmental pollution
Factory farming
– Inequality
– Infectious diseases
Isolation or alienation via technology
– Genocide
– Globalization
– Human rights violations
Reducing hunger and malnutrition
– Lack of critical thinking
Lack of democracy
– Lack of education Lack of empathic concern
Lack of freedom of press
– Mental disorders
– Natural disasters
– Nuclear weapons Overfishing
– Overpopulation
– Pandemics (flu and others)
– Peak oil
Political oppression
Protectionism (economics)
– Poverty
– Scarce resources
– Stress
– Terrorism
Unhealthy lifestyles
– War
-Housing- Architecture
Poaching of endangered animals
– Alternative medicines (or lack)
– Water shortage
– Other (describe)

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