Guaranteed minimum income July 20th

More and more people on the left and on the right are finding the concept of a guaranteed minimum income to be acceptable. Conservatives say that if they gave the poor a certain amount of money, that they could eliminate all welfare programs and actually save money. The proposition is going to be on the ballot in Switzerland. Liberals see it as a way to reduce the enormous income inequality in this country.

One of the main arguments against a basic income is that without the incentive of being forced to work or starve, people would not work.

A counter argument is that if we were guaranteed the basic necessities of life, we could do what we love rather than being forced to do what we hate. Think of starving artists. Think of students who can’t afford to pursue their studies. Think of what people on social security. Think of all of the scientists who would like to experiment and do research. Think of entrepreneurs who have developed things in their spare time in their garage. Would they do better if they could spend more time inventing stuff. Do all of them stop working or do they do volunteer work. Think of all of the homeless in America. About half of them have mental problems and many have substance abuse problems. These problems cannot be effectively dealt with unless they have homes. A guaranteed minimum income would allow them to join their incomes and rent places or perhaps build tiny houses.

Here are some arguments for and against.

This is a good report about the concept. 8 min.

This is a better 24 min. discussion.

Noam Chomsky & Yanis Varoufakis discuss Basic Income (Universal Income)

Robert Reich has a good discussion about basic income, technology aggregate demand, and inequality. He thinks a basic income is inevitable 30 min.

What one of the best arguments for a basic income is to stimulate the economy through demand side economics. Get money to the poor and they will spend it on what they need and industry will create jobs to meet that demand. With Supply side economics giving money to the rich doesn’t increase jobs very much because they save it.

Yanis Varoufakis: Basic Income is a Necessity 32 min.

He argues that we cannot be really free unless we have the right to turn down job offers. This will drive up wages and encourage employers to have better working conditions.
























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One Response to Guaranteed minimum income July 20th

  1. socialtruths says:

    Inspiring and thought provoking. Love the people being smart to help other people thing. In my opinion there is no extra God. We are God so it is up to us to help all the people of the world. This sounds like it may be a solution and may have made life easier on our forefathers should we have thought of this sooner. Thank you for the article!


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