The Trump Effect – Here and Abroad     – June 15th

The Trump Effect started out as an entirely negative thing. Teachers started complaining that their students were bullying other kids. Minority and Muslim kids were afraid. the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Teaching Tolerance project found that: “Ninety percent of educators report that school climate has been negatively affected, and most of them believe it will have a long-lasting impact. A full 80 percent describe heightened anxiety and concern on the part of students worried about the impact of the election on themselves and their families.” 

“Over 2,500 educators described specific incidents of bigotry and harassment that can be directly traced to election rhetoric. These incidents include graffiti (including swastikas), assaults on students and teachers, property damage, fights and threats of violence.”

“American schools are increasingly segregated along racial, ethnic and economic lines. Although individual experiences will vary, looking at the proportion of students who are African-American, Hispanic and white is a generally dependable indicator of what each school is experiencing, regardless of whether it is located in a red or a blue state. We found that how a school reacted ultimately depended on whether it is a white-majority school, a “minority-majority” school, or a diverse school with no single group in the majority.”

“The increase in targeting and harassment that began in the spring has, according to the teachers we surveyed, skyrocketed. It was most frequently reported by educators in schools with a majority of white students.”

The Trump Effect also has an economic aspect. The stock market is doing well because of Trump’s promises to eliminate regulations and to cut taxes on the corporations and the rich. However the corporations and markets like stability and the continuing scandals and the chance of impeachment may create uncertainty.

It is also having an effect overseas. Trump has been congratulating most of the world’s tyrants including Saudi Arabia. Do they feel empowered by his support? Does that mean that since they have been assured that America will no longer speak out about human rights abuses, that they will commit more human rights abuses? Iran thinks that Trump’s Saudi visit is responsible for an increase in tensions in the Middle East.

At the same time that Trump has been embracing dictators, he has been snubbing our traditional allies. Before Trump was elected there had been a rising surge of right-wing nationalism that resulted in the election of Theresa May as Prime Minister in the UK and which resulted in Brexit. After Trump was elected, that right-wing nationalism seems to have lost steam. People are now seeing the results of that populist nationalism. They see Trump’s election as a disaster and those leaders who stand up to and resist Trump gain support and those who seem to be supporting and embracing Trump are being punished at the ballot box. Canadian PM Justin Trudeau beat Trump at the handshake game and now people are talking about him being the new leader of the free world.

Emmanuel Marcon learned the same lesson, beating Trump’s handshake, and won the election in France over far-right leader Marine Le Pen.

Now Marcon’s party is making historic gains in parliament.

In England , Theresa May was twenty points ahead in polls and called for elections to solidify her ruling coalition. She was perceived as supporting Trump, and then Trump attacked the mayor of London after it’s terrorist attack.  Now Theresa May is struggling to stay in power.

Thus far in our country Republicans have been steadfast in their support for Trump and his supporters remain loyal, however angry town hall meetings may change that in the future. During the 2018 elections will those who support Trump be punished at the polls? “The more closely aligned a candidate was with President Trump, the worse that candidate did,” Erickson wrote of the Republican field on his website, the Resurgent.”






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I am a raging progressive and a writer. I received Bachelors degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Arts with a Secondary teaching certificate and a minor in Physics. I taught for about ten years, then did various jobs including welding,fabrication and traffic engineering, and am now retired. I am interested in science, energy, the environment, and architecture.
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