Trump’s Budget Hurts Trump’s Supporters the Most.

A President’s budget rarely makes it into law. It is essentially a wish list. It is a moral document that illustrates the President’s priorities. How sad.

The deceiver in chief was able to con most of his supporters into supporting him by promising them liberal policies like health care for everyone that was cheaper and better than the ACA. Democrats have advocated Medicare for all for decades. He promised that the middle class, which was left behind in the economic recovery, would get jobs from a trillion dollar investment in infrastructure. He promised to rebuild inner cities with $200 billion. Both of those are long time Democratic priorities, but they do not appear in Trump’s budget.

Trump’s budget seems to be specifically designed to harm the rural older voters, who put him in power. Almost all government agencies designed to help the poor and middle class, like Meals on Wheels, and Sesame Street, were already hurting. Trump wants them shut down.

The needs of the military have changed drastically recently. We no longer need $13 billion aircraft carriers, or stealth bombers costing $565 million, because neither ISIS nor any other nation will attack us with conventional warfare. The war on terrorists relies on winning hearts and minds, which relies on foreign aid and diplomacy, which Trump is destroying. It relies on the cooperation of international agencies like the UN and NATO which are being severely cut. We need the state department, foreign aid, and diplomacy to prevent wars. Trump wants these efforts hamstrung.

Military spending results in more corruption and waste than any other agency. A Pentagon internal study revealed that there is $125 billion in administrative waste in the Pentagon that could be eliminated without harming the quality of the military or loose jobs. Trump wants to give the military an additional $54 billion stolen from domestic programs that actually help people. There is no return on investment and any other spending results in many times more jobs and provides something useful like schools, roads, bridges, and water pipes without lead.

Making America great again requires investments in the people. Trump supporters disproportionately make up those who need job training, education, drug treatment programs and better health care. Yet Trump wants to destroy all of those programs and eliminate funding for rural clinics and hospitals. Fifty million doctors told the President that pollution makes people get sick and die, and climate change is already costing hundreds of billions because of extreme weather, Trump wants to eliminate all regulations that protect our clean air, water, and food, and he wants to accelerate climate change by pushing the dirty and more expensive fossil fuels which will result in the unnecessary deaths of hundreds of thousands of good Americans. He wants to cut all funds for climate science and renewable energy which produces many times more jobs for the same investment.

Most domestic social programs, like jobs programs, after school programs and drug treatment programs, provide a return that is 7-8 times the investment. That is how we should determine if a program is funded. The Appalachian Regional Development Initiative provides a return of something like 27 times the investment and has a 90% success rate in providing jobs for people in Trump country. Those are the programs that Trump wants to eliminate.



About altruist1

I am a raging progressive and a writer. I received Bachelors degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Arts with a Secondary teaching certificate and a minor in Physics. I taught for about ten years, then did various jobs including welding,fabrication and traffic engineering, and am now retired. I am interested in science, energy, the environment, and architecture.
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