Open Carry and Racism – July 25th

The news is full of stories of police killing unarmed black men, but if they have a gun a black man is much more likely to be shot by the police. Recently there was a case when the black person did everything right. He notified the police officer that he had a permit to carry a gun but was shot and killed anyway. So the question is, does the second amendment only apply to white men? Is this a carry over from the days of slavery when every armed black man was seen as a threat?

It is true that there are many influential black men who openly carry weapons, without getting in trouble, but they are either celebrities or politicians. Does the second amendment only apply to the rich and influential? In the ghettos where the need is greatest for self protection, because the police rarely respond in a timely manner, if someone has a gun they are assumed to be a gang member or criminal, up to no good. If the police see a black person with a gun in a ghetto they might be understandably afraid, because in those communities the police are hated and often attacked. One third of the black men in a ghetto are former felons so they are not allowed to own a gun. Is it reasonable to fear every armed black man in these areas?

According to the NRA the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. In Dallas there was a bad guy with a gun and about 30 “good guys” (white) carrying AR-15’s marching in the crowd. Instead of taking on the shooter, they ran the other way, and they complicated the response of the police because no one knew who the real bad guy was. Anyone carrying a weapon was suspect.

Would it have helped if the New Black Panthers were also attending the march and they were armed with AR-15’s, as they are proposing, or would they have been the targets of the police, as soon as any shot was fired.

Here are a few videos to watch that explores both sides of the issue.

22 years of unarmed black men shot by police.  3:32  min.

Is the second amendment only for whites? 1 min.

Dallas police chief talks about the needs of police.

Criticism of Al Sharpton for claiming that the second ammendment doesn’t apply to blacks.

History of violence between blacks and police.

perception of crime

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One Response to Open Carry and Racism – July 25th

  1. altruist1 says:

    I apologize for not getting this in the blog earlier. I was in California with no internet access.
    We had a wonderful discussion so I only showed one video. This is your chance to see more.


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