American Exceptionalism June 16

What does the term mean to you? In the past people believed that there was a Manifest Destiny, and that God meant for the American system of Democracy to be spread all over the world. The way that we did everything was considered to be superior to what was done anywhere else. The consequences of such an attitude is that Americans are reluctant to do things like others do. There is also a reluctance to being held to the same standards as other nations, or of being told what to do by other nations­­­­­­. There is resistance to belonging to the UN or the World Court and because of this attitude we have not ratified many international treaties like the Law of the Sea Treaty. Are we that much better than others? Are we exceptional?

 “The very term brings to the American mind the image of America as a nation of overachievers who either by superior work ethic or divine guidance has made the country the best place in the world to live, and the people inherently more deserving of whatever blessings they enjoy.”

”If you’d like to debate the very idea of American Exceptionalism, you certainly may, but I would like also to delve deeply into the idea that, whether true or not, this cultural belief promotes an inflated sense of self-worth that is ultimately unhealthy for the psyche of this country.”
”Basically, where does national pride become an almost psychotic arrogance?”
”Or am I just not appreciating our inherent greatness?”Verble Gherulous Portland, OR

What are the implications of a belief that we are destined to be the greatest nation on earth? Does that mean that we don’t have to try? Have we become fat and lazy because we have gotten used to being number one? Is America in decline or are we just standing in place while all of the other nations are passing us by?

Is America the greatest country in the world? Newsroom response. (3:05)

The end of American Imperialism

American Exceptionalism: Just “God talk”?

Manifest Destiny rap

Manifest Destiny

Thomas Friedman 6:13min.

Bill Maher 1min.

Cross Talk 25:33


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