Preparing for and Adapting to Climate Change

97% of the world’s climate scientists now know that it is nearly certain that climate change is happening and is mostly caused by burning fossil fuels. Even if we stop producing greenhouse gases now, the world will probably continue to get warmer because of all of the gases now in the atmosphere that will stay there for nearly a hundred years.

Our first priority therefore should be to reduce carbon output to prevent total catastrophe, and the second priority should be to prepare for and adapt to the changes we know will be coming.

Fortunately there appears to be a respite in the warming which may help us have time to prepare.

We know that fresh water will become more scarce as the glaciers and mountain snowfall decrease. There will also be more floods and more droughts which will increase desertification, and decrease our ability to produce food just when we need more food for an additional 2-3 billion people.

Some of the most important changes are occurring in the oceans. Our major rivers contain too much fertilizer and sewage and cause “dead zones” where they enter the seas. The warming water is killing off the coral reefs which are critical for fisheries, and they are becoming more acidic which are killing off shellfish and crustaceans. A warm acidic ocean with no oxygen cannot sustain fish but this tips the environment so that jellyfish who thrive in these conditions will dominate the oceans. Some jellyfish  have deadly stings.

Another critical aspect of the puzzle is the world’s forests. They absorb CO2 and produce oxygen but they are being destroyed at record rates. We need to reverse this. Surprisingly we may find a model in China which is reforesting an area the size of California.

The Climate Impacts: Global and Regional Adaptation Support Platform (ci:grasp) is a web-based climate information service. It aims to support decision makers in developing and emerging countries to prioritize adaptation needs, and to plan and implement appropriate adaptation measures.

Climate Change Adaptation: it’s time for decisions now! 2012 5:42 min.

What is climate change adaptation? Catalonia 6:40 min

Climate adaptation and mitigation in Wisconsin 2:38 min

The Sahara Forest Project – Seawater greenhouses. 7:28 min

Growing Forests in the Desert 6:43 min

Permaculture Behind Greening the Desert with Geoff Lawton full

Using Mangroves for wetland restoration and adaptation. 5:00 min

Extreme Weather preparing for Climate Change 2:16 min

Ted Talk – Alan Savory using planned grazing of huge herds to reverse desertification and climate change. 22 min.

TED Talk – Tim Jackson Economics Of Climate Change 24:32 min

Preparing for and transferring risks, adapting to climate change




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